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The Band

The Band

The Band

Nik Reklis


Nik Reklis on vocals for your auditory pleasure. He can sing various bands from 80s air bands to the 2000s rock. Nik has an amazing vocal range and loves to sing. He brings his own style and sound to make this band rock!

Julian Sklar


Julian Sklar on the electric guitar brings an amazing sound to the band. His fingers have amazing skill pumping out all sorts of sounds that mesmerize all who listen.

Rodney Hall


Rodney is the King of slapping that bass and bringing such deep melodies to the band. He’s quite versatile with his sound and is great to help the band rock it out!

Chris Ashford


Chris Ashford on drums for our percussion pleasure! He jams it out and keeps that rhythm going to help the Dirty Reckless rock it out!